Playstation 4: Digital Launch

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Working with lebjs and Peter Baustaedter at Bowshot Studio a series of paintings were created to depict the various interactive environments of select games from the new PS4. Click on the picture to jump to the page     In this video you’ll see some matte paintings which were produced and intergrated into the film and used as backdrops […]

‘What we do in the Shadows’ Poster Competition

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From Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement comes this amazing new feature, I decided to have a bit fun and produce an entry for their poster competition.     Check out the trailer here:

Finn McCool – Celtic Ireland’s Greatest Hero

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So this is a project I have been working on for the past three months. A great story and one that deserves a lot of attention. We have gone live, the campaign to fund the graphic novel of Finn McCool – Celtic Ireland’s Greatest Hero is out in the world, the hero is retold for […]


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This painting is a tribute to the show Spartacus. Gannicus being my favourite character from Gods of the Arena. This depicts his first night of freedom from the house of Batiatus, surrounded by wine and women he still longs for the arena.

In memory of Andy Whitfield and Grant Kronfeld

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  To fallen comrades. We shall miss you.

The ‘Really’ Wrong Trousers

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Hey, Just my own interpretation of our favourite dynamic stop motion duo from Blighty. Its powered by cheese, really smelly cheese!    

Monster Art for Robert Rodriguez

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Here is my entry into the Robert Rodriguez project green screen. Welcome Glutinous Maximus.    

Four Season’s and Four Years of Blood, Sand, Gods, Arena’s, Vengeance and WAR!

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I started April 2009, I shall be finished February 2014. After working on all four season’s of Spartacus I am one of very few people. I’m extremely glad to have stayed the course and survived to tell the tale. Many have fallen through this adventure, and we shall miss them dearly. To all involved past […]

“The die is cast” Julius Caesar 100BC – 40BC

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Well, my first blog post signals the end of a rather long  journey. In 2009 I moved to Auckland, the biggest city in New Zealand. Here I took my first steps into Spartacus the TV series for Starz. After a long spell of four years and four season’s, the series is at an end when […]