Finn McCool – Celtic Ireland’s Greatest Hero

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So this is a project I have been working on for the past three months. A great story and one that deserves a lot of attention.

We have gone live, the campaign to fund the graphic novel of Finn McCool – Celtic Ireland’s Greatest Hero is out in the world, the hero is retold for the first time in Graphic novel form … We need your support, make being Irish and Ireland proud, let’s create a record breaking crowd funding campaign for a graphic novel, let’s show Superman and Co what the real heroes of our Celtic past look like and how they saved our world and let’s do it in honour of the Irish heroes of old: Finn McCool – Celtic Irelands Greatest Hero … Help in any way you can, pre order your unique copy of the book and shear this page with everybody you know on FB. If you want to help further, email the link to ALL the people you know who are passionate about Ireland her Myths, Stories and Legends … 

The time has come for the great heroes to reemerge and take their rightful place amongst the warrior elite …

May you be blessed in all ways, always …

Chris Brosnan – Writer/Producer


Here is the link to the Indiegogo page, head along and check it out now!

I’ll also have updates and details here!

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