In memory of Andy Whitfield and Grant Kronfeld

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To fallen comrades. We shall miss you.


  1. Cherie Kronfeld

    Thank you – its a beautiful tribute.
    We miss fallen comrades and loved ones – more than words can tell.

    • John Walters

      He is sorely missed, yet always remembered.

  2. Dominic

    Always to b remembered

  3. Toby O'Brien

    Apologies for such a late entrance to this blog but I have only just watched the entire Spartacus series for the very 1st time. I am sorry for people who have lost a loved one and a person who was a great friend and co worker.

    As now a fan of the Spartacus series I can only say how amazing the effects truly were, I have never seen such gruesomeness all over my television screen. For that the honour of my condolancies is not enough to send gratitude to his family and of course the late Grant Kronfeld. May peace be in your hearts, always!

    Toby O’Brien…

  4. Toby O'Brien

    I feel ashamed to say I have never heard of Andy Whitfield till this coming week when I googled Spartacus series. Even as a Brit I am sorry as well to not have heard of his passing at the time it happened.

    I will say however it was an honourable way to respect and remember a great actor. When he shouted out “I am Spartacus” I rewound it, turned up my surround aound and played it one more time! (Ok maybe 3 times lol). The was amazing and all actors were so superb even the great Hollywood looks lame compared to the talent on this show. But it was sad to see Andy not in the rest of the series that were made. For that I am sorry and wish his family happier times knowing how his first opening sequence made the rest of Spartacus up till the final remeberancr credits made that show truly a great experience to watch. I am proud to say I have brought this show as it is that good so I can watch again and again. R.I.P Andy…


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