Background Art

This is just a small look at some of the work that I’ve been doing with Friends Night in Los Angeles for the animated block ADHD on Fox television. Based on storyboard sketches and ideas I was asked to produce designs and concepts and then take them to final background art. The work was layered where necessary for animation purposes. I worked with the art directer John Pham to create the look and feel in accordance with the established look of Axe Cop.

Vegas – Episode: The rabbit who broke all the rules

  • AC101_Sc003_Sh001_Vegas_Pan_V002
  • AC101_Sc003_Sh001_Vegas_Pan_V003
  • AC101_Sc003_Sh001_Vegas_Pan_V004

Magic World – Episode: Babysitting Uni-baby


AC105_Sc005_Sh001_Magic Lan_V003

  • AC105_Sc005_Sh014_Balcony_fromabove_V002
  • AC105_Sc005_Sh015_Balcony_lookdown_V002
  • AC105_Sc005_Sh018_Magic_Street_V001
  • AC105_Sc005_Sh026_Magic_Tent_V003
  • AC105_Sc005_Sh019_Magic_Street_V001
  • AC105_Sc005_Sh023_Magic_Street_V001
  • AC105_Sc006_Sh001_Show_Stage_V001
  • AC105_Sc006_Sh001_Show_Stage_V002
  • AC105_Sc006_Sh004_Show_Stage_V001
  • AC105_Sc006_Sh004_Show_Stage_V002
  • AC105_Sc006_Sh005_Audience_V001
  • AC105_Sc006_Sh005_Audience_V002
  • AC105_Sc006_Sh015_Stage_Left_V001
  • AC105_Sc006_Sh015_Stage_Left_V002
  • AC105_Sc006_Sh002_DwnWrd_View_V001
  • AC105_Sc006_Sh002_DwnWrd_View_V002

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