The Arrival

This image was quickly sketched and designed with the Director and VFX Art Directors, over a period of time the sketch was altered and redesigned to the desired composition. This can be easily done while at the pencil stage, a quick use of the rubber and a few strokes of the pencil can save enormous amounts of time and money re-framing and shuffling the composition further down the process. This one frame storyboard and concept frame allows a snapshot into the style of the movie.
The Vue render and final matte painting backdrop for The Arrival was done by the talented Jean Baptist Verdier

Babylon_The_Arrival_Step_0000_Layer 1

Babylon_The_Arrival_Step_0000_Layer 3

Babylon_The_Arrival_Step_0000_Layer 4

Babylon_The_Arrival_Step_0000_Layer 6

Babylon_The_Arrival_Step_0000_Layer 7

Babylon_The_Duel_Step_0000_Layer 1

Babylon_The_Duel_Step_0000_Layer 2

Babylon_The_Duel_Step_0000_Layer 3

Babylon_The_Duel_Step_0000_Layer 4

Babylon_The_Duel_Step_0000_Layer 5

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