Here we were asked to produce a series of backgrounds/matte paintings with a photo real style which depicted a series of games from the new PS4 console. It required the viewer to click on the jump/easter egg which would then transport them to the environment which depicted the game and its promotion.

Here are the two final paintings and below are work in progress slideshows. Also check out the case study You Tube video at the bottom to see how it all worked.


 Infamous final painting



Knack final painting

Work in Progress


  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_FG_Element_V005
  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_FG_Element_V006
  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_FG_Element_V007
  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_FG_Element_V008
  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_FG_Element_V009
  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_FG_Element_V010
  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_FG_Element_V011
  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_FG_Element_V012
  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_FG_Element_V013
  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_FG_Element_V014
  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_FG_Element_V015


  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_Knack_V01
  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_Knack_V02
  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_Knack_V03
  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_Knack_V04
  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_Knack_V05
  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_Knack_V06
  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_Knack_V07
  • ITVC_PS4_1ST_Interaction_Knack_V08


Biborg Case Study


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