Here is a collection of final and collaborative work on the recent Starz TV series Spartacus.

Production: Spartacus Vengeance
Role: Lead VFX Concept Artist/Matte Painter
Art Director: Peter Baustaedter

Shot Breakdown

1. Vesuvius Outcrop, Ep 05. Concept and Final Matte Painting
2. Capua, Ep 05. Concept and Final Matte Painting(Buildings by Vendor)
3. Road Ambush, Ep 01. Concept and Sky(Peter Baustaedter), Final 360 Matte Painting(John Walters)
4. Ludus, Ep 03. Sky(Berrin Moody), Final Matte Painting
5. Capua Egyptian Cell, Ep 06. Final Matte Painting
6. Vesuvius Descent, Ep 10, Concept, Camera Move, Final 2.5D Matte Painting projection(John Walters). Sky and Comp(Berrin Moody) Distant Ground(Dudley Birch)CG Vines(Tim Capper)
7. Forest Road, Ep 03, Final Matte Painting
8. Burning Arena Ep 05. Final Matte Paintings.(3DCGI, Arena Collapse)
9. Ludus landscape, Ep 10. Final Matte Painting
10. Road to the Mines, Ep 03. Final Matte Painting
11. Mines, Ep 03. Vue(Peter Baustaedter)Concept(John Walters)Final Matte Painting(Dudley Birch)

Having provided art for all four seasons of this hit US TV show I am proud to have worked with an amazing collection of great artists past and present to create a stunning show.